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A real challenge for connoisseurs of fine cuisine.



From January 1 to 31, a non-stop gastronomic holiday is on

Try gastronomy sets at every Maison Dellos restaurant – Café Pushkin, Turandot, Volna, Fahrenheit, Matryoshka, Kazbek, Bochka, Shinok – and take part in the final prize drawing

  1. Vacation for two at the luxurious Forte Village resort at Sardinia: 6 days on half board basis and a visit to Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa wellness center
  2. One 6-month and five 3-month World Class gym membership cards
  3. Two tickets to New Year’s Eve-2021 at Turandot restaurant
  4. A dinner for two at Café Pouchkine on Place de la Madeleine in Paris
  5. 30 000 rubles Maison Dellos gift card
  6. Russian Taste enogastronomic dinner for two at Matryoshka restaurant
  7. A brunch for six at Turandot restaurant
  8. Moscow Dinner with Vlad Piskunov for two at Matryoshka restaurant
  9. Dinner for two at Maison Dellos restaurant of your choice sponsored by the Grey Goose vodka
  10. 6 bottles of the exclusive gastronomic vodka Grey Goose Interpreted by Ducasse

Those who try set in every Maison Dellos restaurant will get a week-long World Class membership.
Ask restaurants’ managers for a personal festival booklet and become one of the lucky winners.

Set price is 1,850 roubles

Forte Village

Forte Village is a place where amazing things happen every day!

An annual recipient of numerous awards, Forte Village is a unique place in an unparalleled environment of pristine nature! A true masterpiece that absorbed all the shades of the blue sea of Southern Sardinia with its snow-white beaches and the emerald greenery of its gardens, stretching over 50 hectares. Forte Village has repeatedly been voted the best resort by the World Travel Awards.

The resort offers each of its guests exactly what they need, without deviating from the only recognized standard: perfect service.

This paradise is just 40 km away from the city of Cagliari and offers its guests accommodation in one of 8 elegant hotels, suites or 13 luxurious private villas. There are 21 fine haute cuisine restaurants, 6 of which are headed by Michelin-starred chefs. This year’s star team was joined by Heinz Beck, winner of 3 Michelin stars.

The resort territory includes: 14 bars, 10 swimming pools, an aqua park, 12 tennis courts, a children’s playground of 3,500 square meters, more than 15 sports academies headed by world champions and a unique spa center Aquaforte Talasso and Spa with outdoor swimming pools.

The main prize of the Set-o-Mania Festival is a 6-day holiday for two in the luxurious resort of Forte Village in Sardinia with half board meals and a visit to the Aquaforte Talasso and Spa Centre.

«Café Pushkin»

Tasting set № 1

Beef tongue in aspic

Ox flank with root vegetables

Lemon cake

Tasting set № 2

Stewed cabbage

Catfish in brine

«Faux turnip»


Tasting set № 1

Scorched salmon with bok choy

Unagi calamari with potatoes, broccoli, eggplant and Asian sauce

Salted caramel with berrie

Tasting set № 2

Avocado with tuna and tomato tartare

Salmon and black cod cake with Szechuan pepper and zucchini

«Sticky rice» éclair


Tasting set № 1

Nova lox with cucumber «caviar»

Cod and cabbage custard

Apple crisp

Tasting set № 2

Winter vegetable salad

Duck with mashed turnips

«Melba peach»


Tasting set № 1

Sweet potato and smoked beef brisket

Veal cheeks served under coals

Ice sphere with blackcurrant

Tasting set № 2

Australian langoustine, bamboo roots and shiso chips

Cod with caviar and orzotto

Baklava with orange sorbet


Tasting set № 1 – St. Petersburg

Baltic salad

Pike perch a la Ladoga

Fritter with baked milk blancmange

Tasting set № 2 – Moscow

Stolichny salad

Mushroom selyanka soup served in a skillet

Berry pie


Tasting set № 1

Ceviche of salmon and tangerines

Fish kebab, fried Romano salad, couscous, tomato adjika sauce

Chocolate mousse, persimmon, sunflower seed sponge cake, salted caramel

Tasting set № 2

White beans cream soup with Racha ham

Lamb ribs braised in wine sauce, baked potato, mashed smoked carrots

Baked quince, Nadugi cheese baked pudding, crème anglaise


Tasting set № 1

Octopus carpaccio, quinoa with beetroot, mashed avocado

Black cod, tomato relish, cheese sauce

Smoked sour cream cake

Tasting set № 2

Vorschmack with air-dried roe meat

Venison filet, king oyster mushrooms, nuts, Cumberland sauce

Sponge cake with wild berries


Tasting set № 1

Herring spread with avocado and capers

Atlantic salmon with ale sauce and mashed peas

Tangerine dessert

Tasting set № 2

Stewed veal with tuna-based sauce

Beef ribs with baked cabbage and vegetable broth

«Saffron pear»

Get a guest visit* to World Class Gym for the first three sets ordered in different Maison Dellos restaurants. Those who try set in every Maison Dellos restaurant will get a week-long World Class membership

*Each guest visit is for one person only offering a one-time visit to the World Class gym of guest’s choice. As part of this offer, a guest visit for the first 3 sets and a week of classes for all the finalists can be used by one person only in different clubs.

Each tasting set is accompanied by a shot of Grey Goose vodka (50 ml) or Grey Goose Fizz cocktail
French vodka Grey Goose (0.7 l) is available for the set fans who have tasted sets in all the Maison Dellos restaurants.

World Class, the largest network of premium fitness clubs in Russia, is a permanent partner of the gastronomic festival Set-o-Mania.

The fitness industry leader raffles one club card for six months of classes and five club cards for three months of classes in the World Class fitness club network among the finalists of the festival.
For the presentation of your club card or a personal World Class bracelet, you get a Maison Dellos Privilege card as a gift!

Set-o-Mania in Maison Dellos

So, what do the chefs at the famous Restaurant House offer?

The Café Pushkin team and chef Andrey Makhov honour traditions that require impeccable elegance of gastronomic solutions, but also don’t mind a fair share of humour. An aspic tongue under a thin chip of horseradish with circles of a pickled daikon is the most elegant variation of a familiar theme. An ox’s side and roots are a tribute to a winter that requires plenty of food. Lemon curd on almond dough under the laid herringbone Italian meringue is a reason to remember the winter holidays. Chocolate mini beads that act as Christmas balls can be eaten without fear. The second set combines Russian hempen with French techniques and tricks of trade: cabbage steamed in a cast-iron pot is on the plate with hummus and confit tomato, catfish in brine is wrapped with slices of bacon, and the turnip for dessert proves fake: it is in fact banana mousse in a chocolate glaze filled with tropical fruits.

In Turandot, Dmitry Eremeev simultaneously investigates both the sharp component of Pan-Asian cuisine and the game with deceptions, which perfectly fits into the aesthetics of the restaurant palace closely connected with the 18th century French style. Burned salmon with light sour tamarind sweetness in the sauce is deceptively simple. Unagi squids with potatoes, broccoli, eggplant and an Asian sauce play full force on the field of trompe l’oeil: the mash looks like a brain bone and the eggplant, like beef. Salt caramel pretends to be a glossy berry cake with an unexpected spice of ginger candied fruit. In the second set, peppers and spices play with varying degrees of spice, tingling the palate and tongue. The round dance is opened by avocado with tuna and tomato tartar, then comes the black cod cake with Sichuan pepper sauce (the fish cutlet also pretends to be a salmon steak, what a surprise!). According to all the rules of the genre, the sharp taste is softened by sticky rice: éclair with rice mousse and pieces of mango and passion fruit.

The new chef of Volna Evgeny Khakhalev is proceeds from season food and supports the fish theme of the restaurant. His cooking of root vegetables and cabbage is quite enough to speak confidently about the winter cuisine. His sets are not intended to surprise, but rather to awaken familiar feelings and sensations. That is one of the reasons behind their quiet charm. The salted salmon with cucumber and beetroot caviar is good not due to its molecular delights, but to simple chips made of pickled ginger. It is amazing how no one else came up with this simple idea! Cod Mille-feuille under malt oil and cabbage and roasted cabbage forms an unexpected puzzle with a remote aftertaste of Baltic sprats. Apple crisp is nothing more than the familiar apple pie known as charlotte. Having eaten it, one immediately remembers the long evenings at the country house under a large cozy lampshade. The second set consists of a salad of winter vegetables, duck with turnip mash and Melba peach: simple dishes that are full of soulful charm.

Fahrenheit follows its chosen course on comfort food. To get filled with just cod with orzotto and caviar sauce? Easy! To turn Pastrami and baked sweet potatoes into Olivier salad? No problem! To look back at the eternal mashed potatoes and cutlets and offer a gastronomic combination of stewed beef cheeks with pepper sauce, mashed potatoes and green vegetables instead? You’re welcome! To add orange flavor to baklava and refreshing cold menthol to cheesecake? Everything is possible!

Vladislav Piskunov in the Russian restaurant Matryoshka called the sets names after the ancient capitals of Russia: Petersburg and Moscow. The former begins with the Baltic salad of baked vegetables and spicy sprats. It is followed by pikeperch baked in sour cream sauce in Ladoga style, a traditional dish in the Olonets province. The famous St. Petersburg dumplings with different tastes (lemon, cowberry, rum orange) and blancmangé made of baked milk are lined up on a blue plate with a parade of planets: this is one of the most beautiful dishes of the festival. The Moscow set tastes of metropolitan salad with smoked chicken and cucumber brine broth, mushroom frying pan solyanka, behind whose modest appearance stand volumes of historical and philological theses, and berry tartlet, the heir of the famous Moscow open pies, described a long time ago by Ivan Zabelin.

Igor Bednyakov serves carpaccio made of octopus on a pillow made of quinoa with wasabi sauce, borscht puree and avocado mousse, turning the snack into a full dish, in the legendary meat restaurant Bochka. The taste becomes stronger in black cod in smoked cherry powder with tomato relish and cheese cream (you will definitely want to come back for it). For dessert: smoked sour cream dessert, in which the usual dessert left only a familiar taste, enriched with a light haze. Did you know that you could add dried roe deer to your forshmak herring, make pleurotus eryngii mushrooms with sage like meat, and make your cake look like a real forest stump? To test yourself, try Bednyakov’s meat set.

Kazbek has prepared a game of tradition and fashion for us. Ceviche with tangerine (and in tangerine) but also with adjika, fish kebab with delightfully sharp and airy pumpkin balls, chocolate with persimmon and weightless crispy seed sponge: Mamiya Jojua fish set contains a healthy share of postmodernism. The meat set is rather nostalgic. Hot bean soup with Rachin ham continues with stewed lamb ribs, and a sweet full stop in it is put by baked quince with nadugi curd and custard.

In Shinok, to the music of heart-rending Ukrainian songs, you may try a more recognizable version of herring forshmak, but enriched with avocado in line with the current healthy lifestyle trend. The green theme will be continued by the mash of peas, accompanied by salmon with ale sauce, and a light tangerine dessert. A twist on vitello tonnato, boiled veal in tuna sauce with cucumber noodles, opens a meat set. For the hot dish, there are calf ribs, a huge, Rabelais size portion with a cup of broth and sweet adjika. Its hidden meaning and charm is sweet and languid cabbage baked in the oven. Now we can have a rest with Saffron Pear marinated in white wine with anisetree and anise. The portions in the Shinok sets traditionally remain the most voluminous.

Café Pushkin
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Set № 1
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Set № 1
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